Codemotion will be coming to Berlin for the first time
We are working for the second edition of Codemotion!
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Codemotion will be coming to Berlin for the first time
We are working for the second edition of Codemotion Spain!
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Codemotion 2013

Programming is an art and to create a code of good quality, great experience is needed. Who thinks that developing software is something mechanic, always the same and doesn’t need stimuli and fantasy is wrong.

Benvenuto al Codemotion
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Stefano Sanna
Google TV: la nuova frontiera Android
Greg Schechter
Myron l Campbell
Make Something Ugly: An Experimental Creative Process
Kasia Derc-Fenske
Google Maps Mobile APIs
Lorenzo Barbieri
Microsoft: Developing great games for Windows 8
Arun Gupta
Oracle: Getting Started with WebSocket and Server-Sent Eve...
Alberto Brandolini
Ricette veloci per Domain-Driven Design
Faisal Abid
Kobo Node.js and You
Tiffany Conroy
SoundCloud: Cutting the Fat
Lorenzo Cantini
Kentstrapper Printed by Hands
Federico Vanzati Arduino GSM shield. Outdoor Internet of things
Jason Theodor
Publicis Toronto: Create More Better Different
Startup in action


Take part in Startup in Action, an event that was originated by the collaboration between Codemotion and InnovAction Lab. You can have the chance to win a desk at Codemotion and to propose your idea to thousands of developers. Discover how you can do it

Discover Codemotion World

In 2013 Codemotion will be in three different countries: Italy in March, Germany in May and Spain in October. Our dream is to create an international network of people who are enthusiastic about technology and innovation. Discover Codemotion World!

Don’t forget your CV! A new job

The success of the collecting CV campaign grows bigger each year. The positive feedback of participants who have had the chance to get to know and to collaborate with new born companies at Codemotion, confirm that the initiative is efficient both for those who take part in it and for those who sponsor it. Read our advice to get the best out of this opportunity!


We need you!
Each year Codemotion is supported by volunteers who help in the different tasks. We are a small team and we cannot manage everything on our own. Volunteers are of vital importance for Codemotion because they contribute in producing a well organised, smooth flowing and secure event for all participants. Come and volunteer, we guarantee you it’s going to be fun!

Hackaton Stay tuned!

We are about to announce the hackaton! If you have never taken part in a hackaton before, the rules to remember are very few: either if you are on your own or part of a team you have to create a “hack” in a specific amount of time. This hack can use one or more than one technology among those we will present. There are no limits you can use any platform or language you wish, to create a code! Your imagination is the only limit.